Establishment of Three New Majors for Undergraduate Students in KMU
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    Recently Kunming Medical University held an expert reasoning conference on the establishment of three new majors, that is, Pediatrics, Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine and Social Work.

    President LI Song called for well preparing application materials and making this application succeeded. So far, this application has passed expert argumentation of the Education Department and the Health and Family Planning Commission of Yunnan Province. Soon, this application will be submitted to the Ministry of Education for review and approval.

    In light of the goals and tasks written inthe Specially Construction Plan of KMUduring the “13thFive-year Plan”. KMU is actively involved in the National and provincial development strategies and vigorously contributes to the supply-side reform of talent market. This year, the university started application procedure at an early date and prepared well in advance. The School of Humanities, the First Affiliated Hospital and the Affiliated Children’s Hospital of KMU earnestly prepared application materials and the university has organized experts to repeatedly revise and improve the materials.

    Specialty construction is the foundation of the university’s teaching system and serve the talents cultivation of the university. KMU prioritizes medical education while paying attentions to the coordinated development of other disciplines. Now, KMU has 24 undergraduate majors including medicine, management and law. During the “12thfive-year-plan”, KMU has set up several featured and high-standard majors. This year, KMU applies for 3 new majors according to the needs of talent market. KMU will make good use of its advantaged resources, implement the reform strategies of cultivating medical talents and nurture applied medical talents in the field of Pediatrics, Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine and Social work for Yunnan Province. Therefore, KMU can help to carry forward Chinese traditional culture of Medicine, make children get medical service easier and satisfy people’s need on health care.

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