Kunming Medical University’s 69 projects Funded by Natural Science Foundation of China
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   Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced the appraisal results of some projects submitted for sponsorship on August 17th. NSFC approves to fund 69 projects of Kunming Medical University, among which, there are 3 general projects, 3 projects of Yong Scientist Fund, 62 projects of Regional Scientific Fund and 1 project of Fund for International Exchange and Cooperation. Altogether, KMU got direct funding worth 25.15 million RMB. There are 6 more projects compared with the year of 2015, which hits the new records.

    As all of projects have to be submitted online and the NSFC restructures its funding system this year, projects applicants face furious competition. KMU paid high attention to the application and held meetings to deploy application work in advance. All of Schools, Centers and Affiliated Hospitals actively aroused people’s enthusiasm. 1788 people from 20 second-level units registered and applied online, increasing by 11.8%. Among 588 projects submitted by second-level units to the Division of Science and Technology, KMU, 557 projects passed the preliminary examination and were ultimately recommended by the Academic Committee of KMU. When comparing with the average annual number of applications during the “12thFive-year Plan” (408.6 per a year), the number of application this year increased by 36.3%.

    Among all projects approved to be funded this year, 5 projects in the School of Public Health, 4 projects in the School of Basic Medicine, 3 projects in the School of Forensic Medicine, 2 projects in the School of Pharmacy Sciences, 2 projects in the Biomedical Engineering Research Centre, 1 project in the School of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 24 projects in the First Affiliated Hospital, 12 projects in the Second Affiliated Hospital, 7 projects in the Third Affiliated Hospital, 4 projects in the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital , 1 project in the Affiliated Yan’an Hospital, 2 projects in the Affiliated Gan Mei Hospital, 1 project in the Affiliated Children’s Hospital and 1 project in the Sixth Affiliated Hospital. 

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